Arrange for debt repayment or establish repayment schedules.

Provide all debtors' correct information, name, address and phone number.

Inform patients about their past due balance.

My Account Solution strives to collect outstanding balances to bring customers accounts current.

We discuss with customers their total amount due and create a plan to satisfy their account. If payments are to be arranged, follow ups will be made to verify that payments are received.

We locate debtors for past due payments, taking incoming and outgoing calls daily. If no contact is made with customer after a multiple attempts, we utilize skip tracing techniques to locate customer.

My Account Solution updates with the most current information, and print reports on a daily basis.

We document the customers contact on their account for records. By reviewing over typed notes, it helps on the status of the debtor.

After no contact of debtor after multiple attempts made, we send statements of delinquencies.

No Collection, No Fees basis.


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